Swift and US ABA codes

I have been getting some queries regarding Swift Code and US ABA Codes. I would want to clarify some points here:

SWIFT’s BIC Database Plus provides reference data for over 400,000 financial institutions in the world. It also matches on a monthly basis the national banking codes to the latest Bank Identifier Code (BIC) information released by SWIFT as ISO registrar.¬†

SWIFT reached an agreement with Accuity in 2007, the official registrar of American Bankers’ Association (ABA) routing numbers. As of 26 October 2007 onward, the ABA codes will be included in BIC Database Plus, which will cover some 60 countries and territories in total. By cross-referencing the ABA codes with the BICs, SWIFT makes it easier for financial institutions to process cross-border payments sent to the United States. SWIFT developed this unique agreement with Accuity as part of its strategy to provide the broadest coverage of national bank identifiers. So if you want to have all information together, you will need to buy swift’s BIC database plus than just asking me for all numbers.
For more details please check Swift.com info page here