Swift Code Questions and Answers.

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This post is written in view of the queries that are being posted from time to time w.r.t swift codes for various banks and we have to repeat the same answers. Please make sure to note the things being mentioned here and let me know if you need any clarification on the same.

1. I need Swift Code for my bank for which IBAN is XXX

Ans: Please note that there is no relationship between your bank swift code and IBAN. 

 2. I can not find the swift code for my bank and they are not able to help even.

Ans: Please note if your bank is a local bank and does not deal with the international transactions itself, it might be using a larger international bank as an intermediary. So it won’t have its own swift code but would be using the intermediary bank’s account details for the same. So only your bank can help with it.

3. Can you please provide the swift code for XYZ or ABC Federal Credit Union in the US?

Ans: Please note that the Federal Credit Unions in the US are of local bank nature and do not have their own swift code to process the international wire transfers, instead they use third party / intermediary banks for the purpose.

4. I have been given a swift code of 8 digits instead of 11 digits. What should I do?

Ans: It is important to note that swift codes are either 8 digits or 11 digit alphanumeric characters. But based on the swift code you can either use an 8 digit number or 11 digit number. If a bank has a common swift code say: HDFCINBBXXX that means you need not use XXX and hence you can just use HDFCINBB. But using HDFCINBBXXX in full won’t affect your transaction even.

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