How to Find Bank Branch Swift Code?

Hi Swift Code Searchers: We have been continuously getting queries on providing the appropriate swift code for the bank branch where you are located or want to do transactions. Since everyone has for its own different bank branches so I thought of writing a common response to all of the people’s queries. 1. If there is no specific branch swift code for any bank branch at your location, then you can use the central bank branch swift code for that bank in the country. which would be the full code number having XXX at the end. 2. If your bank branch has got a code but it is marked removed from in the swift database, you can not use that code for the transaction even. 3. Every bank branch must not necessarily be having a swift code assigned to it separately. Hope this makes some easy clarifications to the queries as below: “

UTTAM said…

Many times I have asked HSBC bank executives for the swift code of HSBC, Bandra-W, Mumbai-50, It is advised as HSBCINBB, But I am surprised to see it is actually HSBCINBBXXX, So it has three more characters, Pl clarify, UTTAM”

“salimskhan said… Hi, I need to transfer some money from France to India. I hold an HDFC BANK account in Pune can anyone tell me how do i proceed for the same” Hope this all helps. Thanks